Anna (2018)

November 1815. An enslaved woman named Anna is sold away from her family in Maryland to slave traders, taken to Washington, D.C., and locked in a tavern garret. She is about to be sent to Georgia and separated from her husband and children. Desperate and trapped, she makes a decision that changes everything.

Based on true events, Anna is the story of one woman's quest for freedom and family.



  • Margarette Joyner
  • Foree Shalom
  • Rosario Hadley
    Young Anna
  • Kwakiutl Dreher


  • Khris Royal
  • Lance Warren, Field Studio
    Sound Design
  • Hannah Ayers, Field Studio
    Lance Warren, Field Studio
    Live Action Filming
  • Katherine Rodriguez Hernandez
    Nichole Rudolph
    Costume Design
  • Kalari Flotree
    Material Culture Research
  • Claire Nicholas
    Wendy Weiss
    Material Culture Consultation
  • Kaci Nash
    Historical Research and Website Development


  • Michael Burton
    Co-Producer, Co-Director, Animator, Post Production
  • Kwakiutl L. Dreher
    Co-Producer, Co-Director, Screenwriter
  • William G. Thomas III
    Co-Producer, Story


  • Rachel Seropian
    Sarah Thomas
    Post Production
  • Alejandro Benavante
    Imani Brown
    Brian Andrew Coate
    Kasey Ma
    Ryan Niemeyer
    Thalia Rodgers
    Skyler Simpson
    Madison Svendgard
    Sarah Thomas
    Rotoscope Animators
  • Brian Andrew Coate
    Background Paintings
  • Alejandro Benavante
    Sarah Thomas
    Motion Tracking
  • Rachel Seropian
    Motion Graphics
  • David Muessig
    Glidecam Operator

Funding and Support

Funding Provided By

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of Research & Economic Development

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Support

  • Department of History
  • Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Education and Human Sciences
  • Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

Hatchfund Contributors

  • David Bogus
  • Margaret Bohls
  • Donald & Patricia Burton
  • Donald Burton
  • Nelda Canada
  • David Clark
  • Michelle Day
  • Anita Ducey
  • Mary Eisenhart
  • Jennifer Ghormley
  • Bill Graham
  • Crystal Herndon
  • Lily Hershey
  • John Ison
  • Michael F. James
  • Anneice Jones
  • Rita Kean
  • Margaret Konkel
  • Shelley Kuhn
  • Vincient Martin
  • Renee Matos
  • Yvonne Mebane
  • Trevor Muñoz
  • Erika Navarrete
  • Emily Newman
  • Charles O'Connor
  • Stacy & Walker Pickering
  • Miriam Posner
  • Zelice Brown Roache
  • Paul & Mary Ruehrmund
  • Rosanne & Steven Samuelson
  • Joseph Scheinfeldt
  • Coralee Scritsmier
  • Heather Thomas
  • Ramesh Venkataswami
  • Marissa Vigneault
  • Laurie Vigneault
  • Lisa Warren
  • Elaine Westbrooks
  • Victoria White
  • Karen Williams
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