Citizens Shot Here

Citizens Shot Here

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At 5 o’clock on July 21st, 1877, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, National Guard soldiers opened fire on a crowd of civilians protesting in the streets during a national labor strike.

In five minutes, more than 20 people were killed. More than 60 seriously wounded. How did this happen?

Will is joined by Patrick Hoehne, a Ph.D. student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who is researching and writing about the history of American riots and rioting.

Stereoscope image mentioned in the podcast episode.
S. V. Albee, “28th St and Upper Round House, citizens shot here,” 1877, Private Collection, Reproduced with Permission. See also.

Credits: Salt Marsh Productions, LLC; “Anna” by Khris Royal, 2018; “Breathe” by Ian Post.

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