Q&A with 3D Modeler, Sirrena Infiniti Holmes

A headshot of 3D Modeler, Sirrena Infiniti Holmes.

Tell us a little about your background.

I actually majored in Biomedical art from the Cleveland Institute of Art. While I loved Biomed, I fell in love with the animation industry more and more my senior year. After leaving CIA, I was more of a character designer/illustrator, then moved into technology where I went to Code Bootcamp at Tech Elevator. That is where I fell in love with 3D modeling! I currently attend CG Master Academy for 3D modeling/rigging.

What is most exciting about this project for you?

Since I am newer to 3D modeling, it was exciting working with a team that was so passionate and caring about not only the history of D.C., but the story they were telling and me as a person. It is also exciting to see my work be part of something more than just me and building my portfolio.

How are you designing the models of buildings from early Washington, D.C.?

All of the models are historic buildings, so a lot of it just comes from research that I do and that I am given. If there are not many visuals, I am usually given excerpts from books that describe the buildings to a T, and then I go from there. Afterward, I might get corrected for minor things like kinds of tiles or sizing, but it’s never anything major.

What does this project mean for you in today’s world?  

With the careful attention to detail and the teams hard work and efforts to make the environment and characters look believable, this project is really exciting to see for a lot of different reasons. Being a black woman myself and having so many roots in Washington, D.C., from my great-grandmother (mother’s side) who came here from Georgia in the ’40s, and living on 5th street near the Capitol, to my dad taking me downtown every day after school; even to my grandparents (fathers’s side) who moved here in the ’60s, who recollect often to me how everything was in D.C. during that time and how it has changed. I know people will appreciate all the hard work and time the team has put into this.

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